YouTube Uncensored

This adventure began by coincidence on Youtube in 2016 when we posted some old videos to share with friends and family. 

Without expecting it we started to receive comments and subscribers to our channel, and in a short time we had an early community that encouraged us to continue. 

This huge reception from people all over the world made our channel LA VIDA A VELA grow quickly, but soon we started having problems with YOUTUBE’s very restrictive rules against nudity.

We understood that our lifestyle didn’t fit in Youtube, and we decided to go one step further and from episode 18 forward, we would tell our story in VIMEO ON DEMAND with longer movies, with more quality and with the freedom that YOUTUBE was denying us.

However, we decided to continue making a YOUTUBE adaptation of each of the VIMEO ON DEMAND movies and in this way our YOUTUBE channel has continued to grow and we have kept alive the great community of friends from all over the world that we love so much.

Despite our efforts to adapt our story and lifestyle to YOUTUBE rules, we didn’t always succeed. More than 30 of our episodes have been rated 18+. And some of them have even been DELETED by YOUTUBE as if they were pornography.

We can’t understand how YOUTUBE can remove these videos in which we only see beauty, love and freedom.

We have created this space of freedom, with the episodes DELETED by YOUTUBE, for all of you who want to follow our journey through the Mediterranean in a complete way, and so that you can judge for yourselves if these videos deserved to be so mistreated by YOUTUBE.