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La Vida a Vela, Sailing MY LIFE project is the dream of our lives and to be able to develop it requires a lot of time and material.

Why time?

Because we sail calmly, when the sea and the weather allow it, dedicating the necessary time to discover and record the beautiful landscapes that the Mediterranean coast offers.

We like to get to know the cuisine and customs of the places we visit. We want to take the time to be able to talk to people and learn about their lives and stories.

Why does it require so many materials?

Because we sail for 6 months aboard a small sailboat of less than 11 meters of 1987. Little by little and with the help of many friends, we are upgrading it with modern navigation equipment and preparing it for long stays without having to visit ports.

Also, in order to produce our movies, we need a wide variety of recording and video editing materials, which we acquire to keep improving the quality of our content.

Why do we need your support?

To sail the Mediterranean Sea in harmony with nature and in balance with our planet is a very ambitious dream. It is becoming a reality thanks to the support we receive from friends all over the world.

By joining us with your contribution, you become an important part of this beautiful adventure!

We put our dream in your hands so that you can live it with us through our movies, content and feelings.

LA VIDA A VELA is fully funded by:

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Thank you very much for joining us in La Vida a Vela!