Our Philosophy

Currently, all over the world, the population is concentrated in big cities, consuming highly processed food and spending most of the time in closed spaces with artificial light and air conditioning, far away from nature, its purity, its magic, its power. We do not understand this world, we believe and know that it is possible to live in a different way.

Thanks to La Vida a Vela, we got back in touch with nature, we enjoyed its beauty and its precious value, but how has this experience changed our lives?

We have learned many things that seem impossible. We’ve learned to live in the moment and not to make plans: our course is guided by weather conditions; we put our destiny in the hands of the sea and the wind.

We made naturism our lifestyle. We want to feel the sunbeams, the wind, the sand and every drop of the sea on our naked skin. We found a wonderful way to live in harmony with our planet and our environment. We feel and know that we are an integral part of this planet. We are human beings, yes, but we also feel like a tree, a fish, a bird…

We just need to eat, sleep, love and proper wind to carry us beyond the horizon.

With our movies and our experiences, we want to inspire and encourage more people to break social ties and to pursue their dreams, because we are certain that it is possible to make them come true.

By Noemí and Josep