La Vida a Vela


Watch Our Season 6

This Season will be completely dedicated to Menorca, a beautiful island that we have fallen in love with and that we will visit calmly. 

We are Noemi y Josep

20 years ago we started to live our dream of sailing the Mediterranean and getting back in touch with nature discovering breathtaking villages, beaches and landscapes.

Do you know our project?

La Vida a Vela, Sailing MY LIFE project is the dream of our lives and to be able to develop it requires a lot of time and material.

Nature and Naturism as a Philosophy of Life

Thanks to La Vida a Vela, we got back in touch with nature, we enjoyed its beauty and its precious value, but how has this experience changed our lives?

Slow Talk.
Watch the interviews

Enjoy extended and uncut interviews.

Art On Board

We are visual artists, you can tell by the visual language we use in our movies, but also because throughout our trips I usually spend my time painting.